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Sudden Cardiac Arrest - The Silent Killer


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Training 4 Medical Safety Emergencies

Tomorrow's patient advocates through today's education and training…it’s all about the person on the stretcher....”

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Are YOU READY to Save a Life?

Have you ever been up close and personal with an emergency and not known what to do? What a feeling of helplessness... wanting to do something but not knowing how. Don't let this be you. TMSE strives to train communities to be prepared for a disaster whenever it may strike your community, or worse yet, your family. Be proactive, call and let us know you're ready to learn how to do something rather than doing nothing in an emergency.

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We offer individual or group classes in:

American Heart Association (AHA)
American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

From the individual to large groups, We can do it!

While we primarily serve Northern Nevada & California with our classroom based courses, we can take those courses to clients across Nevada, California, and the US! We also have international clients, so you don't have to be local for us to work with you!

Upcoming Public Courses:
CPR, FIRST AID, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and AHA Instructor Courses

Contact us in Reno, NV today to sign up for a class, to schedule a class at YOUR location, or for information about how we are dedicated to making you the best healthcare provider you can be! 775-324-4954, email , or register on-line for classes via the AHA and skills practice/test at TMSE